3-Step Success System – Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1: Set Up Your Blog

marketing tools 3 step success system wordpressIf you want to build a strong foundation for your business I would suggest getting a blog. Think of it as your home. A place where you can send people to learn more about you or your business. You’re in luck because right now I am offering a FREE WordPress Blog Setup Service which would easily cost $100 if you were to pay someone.

Step one get your domain hosted here: http://www.joshpaiva.com/recommended/bluehost

If you have any question about how this free service works just go here: Free WordPress Blog Setup

Step 2: Set Up LeadPages

marketing tools 3 step success system leadpagesHave you ever been to a website and you have to input your email to get more information? That is called ‘lead generation’ and that is how you build a list. Successful marketers build a list no matter what it is they are promoting. LeadPages is a tool I use every single day. You can easily create custom squeeze pages to collect those leads. LeadPages integrates with just about any autoresponder which we will talk about next.

Step two get LeadPages here: http://www.joshpaiva.com/recommended/leadpages 

Step 3: Set Up Aweber

marketing tools 3 step success system aweberNow that you have a blog and custom squeeze pages you need to collect and store those leads like a pro. Aweber is the tool you need. This is the best choice for novice and seasoned marketers. It is very easy to use. Aweber also has a Youtube channel with training and their customer support is always available.

Step three get Aweber here: http://www.joshpaiva.com/recommended/aweber

Additional Tools I Use To Build My Business

All of these tools are free. Some of them you may be already using. For example everyone is on Facebook these days but only a very small percentage of people are using it to make a small fortune.

sixSkype -Stay in touch with your family and friends for free on Skype.  You can chat and call from desktop or mobile.


2016-05-15_0930Canva – I use this every day to make custom images for ads, backgrounds, posts, etc.  It works really well, it’s simple to use.  And it’s FREE!  I also have a video up on my youtube page under “trainings” that shows you exactly how to use this.


2016-05-15_0940Facebook – I personally use Facebook daily to connect with people, train and advertise.  Most everyone already has an account on Facebook so your probably good here.


fiveYoutube – Of course if your just starting there is no reason to use any other hosting except Youtube when doing videos.  Set up free account and let them worry about the rest.


paid like paivaInstagram – If you’re not using IG you need to be.



gramblrGramblr – With this tool you can post to Instagram from your computer. If you are using Instagram this will really simplify the process 🙂


emojiEmojipedia – Perfect Copy/Paste emojis when posting to your Instagram.
FREE – Get the five proven ways to instantly grab your prospect’s attention and pull them into reading your sales letter or watching your video:


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I like to keep things simple but what I do works. Your skill set will grow as your business grows. Don’t expect to know everything in a week. But if you follow my steps you’ll be very surprised how fast your business can grow if you apply yourself and follow my 3-step success system.

If you have any questions at all email me here: josh@joshpaiva.com

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