Reverse Commissions Review – Legit Biz Or Gifting Scam?

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Is RC a four-tier split cash gifting scam or is this company legit?

Lets take a closer look and see.

Reverse Commissions Review

reverse commissions reviews

There is absolutely no info on the Reverse Commissions website signifying who owns or runs the business.

In fact, at the time of this review, the Reverse company website is little more than an email capture page.

The Reverse Commissions website domain,, was registered privately on October 11, 2015.

The official Reverse Commissions Facebook group has 2 administrators, Calvin Harvey and Dale Payne Sizer.

Both seem to be running Reverse Commissions, as per a Facebook post by Harvey on December 4:

“Somebody explain to me how two little black boys from the hood built a International company in 1 week?”

Dale Payne Sizer initially appeared on my radar as the CEO of the Infinity Profit System cash gifting scheme.

Infinity Profit System launched in 2015. Alexa traffic estimates suggest that Infinity Profit System recruitment peaked in mid-February of this year and then went into decline.

The ultimate collapse of Infinity Profit System has most likely provoked Sizer to launch Reverse Commissions.

Calvin Harvey was an Infinity Profit System member and seems to have signed up pretty early. He’s probably one of the few that made money in Infinity Profit System and is looking to do it again in Reverse Commissions.

Read on for my complete review.

Reverse Commissions Product Line

Reverse Commissions has no retailable products or services whatsoever, with members only capable of marketing Reverse Commissions affiliate membership itself.

Together with Reverse Commissions affiliate membership is access to online marketing tools.

Reverse Commissions Compensation Plan

The RC compensation plan has members gift $25.00 to $500.00 to each other through a 1-up plan, paid via a uni-level compensation arrangement.

A uni-level compensation arrangement puts a member at the top of a uni-level team, with each personally recruited member put directly underneath them (level 1).

If a level 1 member recruits new members, they are then put onto level 2 of the original member’s uni-level team.

If a level 2 member recruits new members, they are then put onto level 3 and so on and so forth down a hypothetical countless number of levels.

An RC member signs up and then decides which tier they wish to purchase ($25.00, $100.00, $250.00 or $500.00).

Buying in at a higher tier qualifies a member to earn on all tiers under it ($500.00 qualifies a member to earn on all four tiers).

Take Note: If an RC member joins at a tier lower than $500.00, they have to pay again to “upgrade” their tier spot. This can cost as much as $875.00 if a member upgrades one tier at a time.

The fee a newly recruited RC member pays is paid directly to the member who recruited them.

The second recruited member’s fees are paid to the recruiting member’s upline (ie. the recruiting member is paid nothing).

The third recruited member’s fees are paid to the recruiting member. The fourth recruited member’s fees are again passed up.

From the fifth recruited member, the recruiting member keeps all fees paid in.

Take Note: A Reverse Commissions member must be “qualified” at the tier a newly recruited member is buying in at.

This is achieved by paying a fee when signing up and/or upgrading to a higher tier after originally signing up.

If a Reverse Commissions member is not qualified to earn on a payment tier, they earn the rate they are qualified at. What’s left is passed up to the member who recruited them.

For example, you buy in at the $100.00 level and recruit a $500.00 member. You earn $100.00 and the member who recruited you (your immediate upline) is paid the remaining $400.00.

The MLM component of the compensation plan kicks in when members you’ve recruited recruit their own members (level 2 and deeper in your uni-level team).

Each of your personally recruited members must pass up fees paid by their second and fourth recruited members, in addition to any tier levels they are not qualified at.

Their recruits do the same and so on and so forth. In this manner a Reverse Commissions member can in theory earn a commission when a newly recruited member is placed anywhere in their uni-level team.

Joining This Program

Reverse Commissions affiliate membership costs $25.00 to $875.00.

Reverse Commissions offers a mishmash of pyramid recruitment and cash gifting.

The pyramid side of the business is quite apparent, with Reverse Commissions paid directly and indirectly to recruit new members.

The cash gifting element is present by way of 100% of fees paid by newly recruited members used to fund commissions. Precisely, newly recruited Reverse Commissions members pay fees directly to existing members (usually the member who recruited them).

One compensation plan, twice the financial fraud.

In light of Reverse Commissions’ fraudulent business model, what is attached to fees paid in by members is immaterial.

Nothing legitimizes pyramid and/or cash gifting schemes. The bundling of a product or service with fees paid into cash gifting and pyramid schemes is pseudo-compliance and nothing more.

As with all pyramid and gifting schemes, once recruitment of new Reverse Commissions affiliates dies down, so too will payments within the scheme.

That means individuals stop getting paid, at which point anyone who hasn’t scammed more than they’ve paid in from folks who joined after them, loses out.

Reverse Commissions – My Conclusion

Owing to the deepest levels of a uni-level team being the largest at any given time, statistically this is certain to be the mainstream of Reverse Commissions members.

One final fact: Cash gifting schemes such as Reverse Commissions, are launched to mainly profit the administrators. Dale Payne Sizer and Calvin Harvey sit at the top of the Reverse Commissions company-wide uni-level team.

Over one or more preloaded spots, they receive the mainstream of pass-ups from the rest of the company below them.

This is exactly what happened in Infinity Profit System and will happen again in Reverse Commissions.

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