Radien Life Review – Legit MLM Opportunity Or Another Scam?

radien lifeWelcome everyone, here is my full Radien Life Review!

One of the biggest and fastest growing niches in MLM is most definitely anti-aging.  It has been trending for a while now.  People are always going to want to look and feel better. 

So what separates Radien Life from all the other anti-aging products?  It is a huge market so lets dive a bit deeper into this fairly new company.

Radien Life Review

Radien Life set up their home base out of Tennessee in the US.  The CEO and Founder of Radien Life is Greg Pilant.

In a recent interview with Pilant here was the first question “Transparency and putting fourth real science is clearly a primary focus at Radien Life.

So what separates Radien Life products from other science backed products on the market”?

Pilant answered “Companies have different levels of integrity from what’s actually in the bottle and that many companies out there buy products that have no activity but they can buy them cheap.  They do this simply so they can have them on a label”.

So what exactly separates Radien Life products from many of the “cheap science based” products out there?  More on this later.

What’s the real story behind Radien?

You can find the Radien website domain here “radienlife.com” and watch the interview for yourself.

After doing some research we found that Pilant also owns a company called Greystone Pharmaceuticals.

Here is a picture of Pilant and some of the history behind Greystone from what their website “greystonepharmaceuticals” is telling us.


Unfortunately Greystone Pharmeceuticals back in 2009 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  It was found because of poor sales through a certain manufacturing agreement with 3M was the culprit.

Greystone is not an MLM company.  Radien Life seems to be Pilant’s first official MLM launch.

It’s possible he’s been a distributor for a company in the past but not an owner.

Radien Life Product Line

Wrinkle treatment and skin repair cream seem to be Radien’s full product line.  They have products for both men and women.

We are not completely sure but it seems as if Pilant’s company Greystone Pharmaceuticals (or its assets and/or subsidiaries) are manufacturing Radien’s products.    

At least this way they are entering in an agreement amongst themselves.  A third party like 3M won’t be able to enforce explicit guidelines.

Radien Life has 7 core products:

  • Radienix Day Cream – This product is engineered for women.  They took tree bark extract and scientifically turned it into a cream that retails for $94 for a 30ml tub
  • Radienlx Eye Cream – Product for women.  A morning cream that helps with bags and retails at $70 for a 15ml tub
  • Radienix Night Cream – Product for women.  Wrinkle fighting cream any time of day and retails at $94 for a 30ml tub
  • Radienix Primary Anti-Aging Skincare Set – Product for women.  Both day and night creams and retails at $258
  • QXP Anti-Aging – Product for men.  Reaches cellular level of male’s skin to regenerate tissue.  Resists the aging process and retails at $99 for a 30ml bottle
  • Radienix Dejavu – Reduces wrinkles and retails at $70 for a 15ml bottle
  • Radienix Skin Repair Cream – For use after laser treatments and dermabrasion.  Retails at $94 for a 15ml tub

Radien Life Compensation Plan

radien life compensation plan

Like many other product based MLM companies Radien is no different.  The pay plan pays affiliates to sell products to retail customers.

Radien has set up a uni level compensation pay structure which pays residual commissions.  Affiliates must qualify as a Premier Brand Partner to earn on the compensation plan.  If you are not a PBP you can only earn on retailing products.

There are two ways you can qualify as a Premier Brand Partner.

1.  You can sell $2000 worth of products or more in a single month or

2.  You can sell $1000 worth of products for two consecutive months

The volume is generated by personally sponsoring other affiliates who are not premier brand partners.

It is important to note that no more than 50% of counted volume can can be from any one recruitment leg.

Radien Life Retail Commissions

Retail commissions are paid out as the difference between wholesale and retail pricing of products ordered.

So lets say it cost you $55 wholesale to order Radienix Eye Cream which sells for $94.  You would earn the difference which is $40.

Most MLM companies nowadays push their affiliates to retail products.  We are not sure if Radien is going to push to sell product or sponsor more affiliates.

I’m sure it will be a combination of both with focus on the latter especially in the beginning growth stages.

Radien Life Affiliate Ranks

There are 4 ranks within the Radien Life Compensation Plan:

3 Star Premier Brand Partner – Must recruit and maintain at minimum three Premier Brand Partners

6 Star Premier Brand Partner – Must recruit and maintain at minimum six Premier Brand Partners

9 Star Premier Brand Partner – Must recruit and maintain at minimum nine Premier Brand Partners

12 Star Premier Brand Partner – Must recruit and maintain at minimum twelve Premier Brand Partners

Premier Brand Partner Overrides

If you’ve been in MLM you’re probably familiar with overrides.  Basically you’re paid a percentage on sales volume.

Premier Brand Partner’s also get a percentage override on their downline.

Radien Life monthly commissionable volume determines how much of a percentage is earned.  Of course this excludes Premier Brand Partner volume.

If you are a PBP  and your PGCV is X amount these will be your override

what is radien life

$200 – $399 You get a 1% Override

$400 – $599 You get a 2% Override

$600 – $799 You get a 3% Override

$800 – $999 You get a 4% Override

$1000 – Or More You get a 5% Override

Remember that 1 – 5% Overrides are coded.  Any affiliate with $1000 or more will pick up the difference in % paid to an affiliate only receiving 1- 4%.

This is where it gets a bit tricky.  If you just like to get paid and don’t really understand most comp plans you may want to skip this section 😉

Lets say for example a $200 to $399 CV affiliate receives their 1% and their upline is a $400 to $599 affiliate.  It still leaves 3% to pay with 5% max at the $1000 or more CV level.

So the system will search out the next person in line to get the difference.

The Radien Life Comp Plan is no difference in the sense it’s all determined by rank.

3 Star Premier Brand Partner will earn up to 4 levels of recruitment

6 Star Premier Brand Partner will earn up to 5 levels of recruitment

9 & 12 Star Premier Brand Partners earn up to 6 levels of recruitment

Recruitment Commissions

In the beginning stages of most MLM companies most of the volume is generated through recruiting.

In this case Radien Life has the “Share It Pack” which cost $199.  The affiliate doing the sponsoring will get a $60 commission.  If that affiliate is also a Premier Brand Partner they will receive an additional $30.

That is a total of $90 if you are a Premier Brand Partner with Radien Life.

If the affiliate is not a Premier Brand Partner that difference of $30 dollars will roll up to the next fully qualified PBP in line.

Radien Life SupRGen Bonus

The only affiliate that is paid out a SupRGen Bonus are 12 Start Premier Brand Partners.

12 Star PBP must generate $500,000 in commissionable volume across three generations. 

These three generations must consist of Premier Brand Partners.  Then they qualify for the SupRGen Bonus.

Radien Financial Freedom Bonus

radien life bonus

Getting a monthly check and a company car sounds nice but qualification not so easy.

For Radien Life affiliates to qualify for the financial freedom bonus they must have and maintain affiliates in their downline who are all on monthly autoship. 

Your monthly check is determined by how many active affiliates you have on autoship.

Here is what Radien pays out:

Downline => 500 affiliates on autoship => $2k guaranteed monthly income => 2017 Genesis car

Downline => 2000 affiliates on autoship => $4k guaranteed monthly income

Downline => 4000 affiliates on autoship => $8k guaranteed monthly income

Downline => 6000 affiliates on autoship => $10k guaranteed monthly income

Downline => 8000 affiliates on autoship => $12k guaranteed monthly income

Radien Life – Joining

The basic yearly membership is fairly inexpensive.  It’s only $19.95.

If you choose to purchase the “Share It Pack” it is $199 and it contains more than $800 in retail samples.  You are able to try the product or share with others.

If you like the product you can purchase through your membership.  Autoship is also available for automatic monthly shipment.

Radien Life Reviews

For any seasoned MLM veterans it comes down to the comp plan and if it’s lucrative enough.

I personally have not tried the product.  If it’s good I’m sure they will be able to build a customer base.

If the product is not what they say it is it’s just a matter of time before the lights are shut off like their previous company. 

I can’t personally tell you because I have not tried the products.

The compensation plan is somewhat a departure from the usual comp plans out there.

It really does focus on sales volume overrides rather than flat percentages.

I personally don’t like when the core of a comp plan is getting qualified at a certain level.  In this case being a Premier Brand Partner and generating $1000 a month in group volume.

Radien Life Problems

The problem I see with this compensation plan is forcing affiliates to get to Premier Brand  Partner or they can only make commission on retail.

For those affiliates who are Premier Brand Partner it’s relatively straight forward.  You get paid commissions on a product flowing throughout your organization.  This can be retail or recruiting.

This is where I get a little confused and you can do your own due diligence.

Radien Life sells the “Share It Packs” for $199 but they supposedly have over $800 in samples.  How it that possible?  Whether you own the manufacturing company or not it’s very questionable.

This tells me one of two things.  Either they are operating at a huge loss.  Or the product is way overpriced.

I also don’t like how there is no disclosure on Greystone Pharmaceuticals and how they are affiliated with Radien Life. 

Would be nice to know if they were in fact manufacturing the product.  Also maybe a bit more info on Greg Pilant since he is new to the MLM industry.  Most people involved in MLM have no idea who he is.  Do you?

greg pilant

Since this is such a new company and Pilant has no success in the MLM it really it’s tough to say.  Until you hear more testimonials to see if the product is even for real.

He definitely has some cool quotes 🙂  It’s going to take time to see if his products deliver what he preaches.

radien international

Radien Life Concerns

It really is a leap of faith to build something like this.

A good place to start if you were to join is ask your upline if they are on autoship.

Ask them how much product they get sent to their mailing address monthly.  Is it a reasonable amount for personal consumption.

If you’re like most successful network marketers you’re not going to sell product you haven’t experienced for yourself.

A real concern for Radien Life is the product.  For their sake I hope it’s as good as they say.  They are offering up a 100% 30-day money back guarantee.

Customers are also able to cancel retail orders up to 72 hours of placing them.

This is a big plus for affiliates marketing the product.  This “pitch” could give affiliates a huge advantage for customers sitting on the fence.

It also poses risk.  If the products are just average or below average you could have a massive influx of returns.  Most companies don’t take the hit on returned products.  Affiliates do.

Personally, I would not pay $258 a month to make my skin look better.  I’m sure there are people that will. 

However their products better provide massive results or people will get off autoship and purchase cocoa butter for $2.99 at their local Walmart.

Radien Life Conclusion

Like most MLM starter companies there is always the possibility of excitement and fast growth.  Unfortunately most companies don’t see past their first or second year.

Most companies that do have long term success in most cases have seasoned veterans leading the way.  Radien Life may own the manufacturing company (which we are not 100%) but building a thriving MLM company is no small task.

If you’re serious about building an MLM company and like risk I’d say give it a go.  I would not call Radien Life a scam by any means.

It is not scam.  It’s just a new company with a long road ahead.

Seems like they have some infrastructure in place.  Greg Pilant seems passionate about his new products.  I would definitely order some products first before committing to the business end of things.

If you do choose to give Radien Life a go wish you lots of luck with your new venture!

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