OneCoin Review – Legit Business Or Huge Scam? All Right Here

onecoin reviewHey Everyone, welcome to my exclusive OneCoin Review!

If there’s one thing to note about cryptocurrencies is they are very trendy and getting lots of buzz.

They can provide a great value if you mine and use them properly.  Because OneCoin has only been around since 2014  I am going to walk you through the entire company and business opportunity.

Multi-Level Marketing is certainly not for everyone and this cryptocurrency is a niche that hasn’t been around long.  So it’s important you do your homework before joining.

OneCoin Review

OneCoin is certainly in a momentum phase.  Could this really be a great option for potential investors and business builders?

Well OneCoin has recently announced that 320 millionaires in commission have been created since it’s inception.  Monthly sales are also between $350 – $400 million per month.

These certainly are very impressive numbers.

Cryptocurrencies have certainly made a selected few very wealthy.  The question you’re probably asking can it do the same for you?

The company was founded by Dr. Ruja Ignatova who launched the company in July 2014.  The site is more than 2 years old.

There website “” is hosted out of Bulgaria with headquarters in Europe operating worldwide.  Their core market can be found in South East Asia, Europe, India and Africa with major expansion plans.

When OneCoin started a “Nigel Allan” was President but was terminated for unknown reasons.

Here is a legal letter that went out to all OneCoin affiliates:

www onecoin eu

Shortly Dr. Rujas sent out this follow up letter:

one coin

Nobody really knows what went down but there have been lots of rumors.

Recent interview with OneCoin creator Dr. Ruja Ignatova:

OneCoin Product

OneCoin Product is derived from “OneAcademy Online Education” program with different levels you can choose from.  You have the ability to invest in tokens that can be acquired via trader packages and there are 5 packages to choose from.

The price differs and it goes from 100 euros to 5000 euros for the Tycoon trader package.

Here are the five packages that OneCoin offers:

one coin products

They also have the “activation kit” price option of 30 euros.  This will maintain a specific position in the company not to mention that you also receive a free eBook which is a nice addition.

If you want to try out the OneCoin service they do offer a “Rookie Price” which is actually free of charge.

The rookie price will give you information on OneCoin and the product.  They will also send you “Think and Grow Rich” as an added bonus.  You also have the option of getting on their newsletter.

It’s possible these free bonuses have helped OneCoin see this massive growth trend over the past year.

OneCoin Two Year Goal

The site states that they have mined around 847 million OneCoins and their target in the next 2 years is 10 million people and 1 million merchants.

That is MASSIVE!

Ok, lets take a look at how this compensation plan works and how some of the people involved are making “millions” per month lol

Does that sound crazy or what?

OneCoin Compensation Plan

www onecoin euLike any MLM company OneCoin pays on multiple levels.

The compensation plan is pretty easy to understand.  Their website also has lots of videos and tutorials.

The bonus plan does seems to be a very profitable if you know how to market and can build a team that duplicates.

Like any MLM company.  If you want those big bonuses they are usually not easy to get!

Obviously, the ability to access a coin mining service is a very good one and unlike other similar systems on the market this one seems to be working well.

Their approach seems professional and certainly unique.

People that want to use OneCoin will definitely be enticed by the compensation video and you should be because they do promise quite a lot.

Watch video it really explains the compensation plan in full detail.

NOTE:  I do not endorse this video and is for educational purposes only.

OneCoin eu – No Guarantee

Obviously, this company is in a massive momentum phase but I can’t promise that you will join and make millions.  I have seen other companies have similar growth only to crash and burn sooner rather than later.

Like any other Multi-Level Marketing companies it really is up to you.  The approach in OneCoin is no different. You have to build big team and maintain.

OneCoin does make coin mining simpler and it does tend to deliver quite a lot on its promise. But, as we mentioned earlier it does require you to work very hard in order to fulfill your goals.

It’s not a simple process for sure, but it’s an interesting one.

OneCoin – 80% Return On Investment

The company claims that you can get an 80x return on the initial investment in around a year. I have seen other companies claim such returns on money and most of them went out of business.

We are all familiar with HYPE companies that promise you 1.5% – 4% per day.  Most of those were shut down.  The ones that still exist seem to be more of an underground movement.

We call these “churn and burn”.  They move from company to company trying to grab some momentum money then jump to the next flavor of the month.

If you like fast money and like risk this may be for you.  All things being equal there are no guarantees.

The approach that they have here is unique, refined and certainly different. It’s quite remarkable how much some of the distributors are earning.

I’ve been around the industry since 2002 and I can’t remember a distributor in any company earning $4 million dollars per month.  That’s more money than most actors and professional athletes are making.

Juha Parhiala, OneCoin’s number one distributor, is also living in Thailand.  Could you imagine what kind of a lifestyle he has in a third world country making that kind of income?

Also, 7 of the top 25 income earners in the entire network marketing industry are with OneCoin.

These are the top 25 distributors in network marketing:

onecoin scam

That is just insane!

OneCoin – Scam Or Not?

I wouldn’t call OneCoin a scam.  However many people would definitely disagree.

OneCoin pays their affiliates on time.  They don’t seem to be hiding anything.

However, this is a new company and many people could be riding the “hype” train.

With these type of numbers I’m sure the regulators are picking OneCoin apart so for their sake I hope they are 100% legit and not doing anything shady behind closed doors.

It’s very common for the FTC or other regulatory branches to shut down companies they deem as some sort of Ponzi or scam.

It’s hard to stay under the radar when a company is seeing such growth.  With so many rules and regulations in the MLM world nothing is a guarantee.

There are 40 year old MLM companies that the authorities are still trying take down calling them a Ponzi schemes and the like.

For that reason I’m out.

OneCoin Conclusion

There are hundreds of legit opportunities out there that can make you good money.

These crypto-currencies just seem a bit on the shady side.  When I see people earning $4 million dollars a month in a two year old company it certainly throws up some red flags.

Should you use OneCoin? It all comes down to how open you are to the idea of virtual currency. People are making a lot of money but how long will it last?

Overall, I’m not telling you not to invest your money in OneCoin.  I’m just saying there are lots of companies and ways to make money without so much uncertainty.

If you choose to join OneCoin wish you lots of luck!  If you are already in OneCoin, please share your experience below in the comments section.

Hope my OneCoin review helped answer some or all of your questions.  Make sure to subscribe below and get my special tips and strategies I only share with my subscribers!

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  1. Tam Vu Ai says

    Hi. I really respect your above artical. I invested in Onecoin in Octorber 2015. I see they do everything clearly not scam. When I place order to sell coins 5 times a week then my 3 orders been executed. It means I can withdraw 60% my capital back. Everything was good but after october 2016, the banks in Hongkong, Singapore, Tanzania and others frozen the Onecoin accounts so they now have no bank to transfer. Now we can not withdraw money. The banks say Onecoin is scam with its pyramic and multi level market. Im very sad. I do not know why the banks closed Onecoin’accounts.

    • josh says

      Hi Tam, sorry to hear the bad news. The problem with companies such as OneCoin even if the company or company owner is really trying to help people make money the SEC or other regulators don’t see eye to eye. OneCoin is just one of many companies that have had problems such as this. If you’re having problems with the banks that is almost always a bad sign.

  2. Allan says

    They certainly DO NOT “pay their affiliates on time” There’s no way they are going to be around in 40 years time or even four years, This is such an obvious Blatant scam that regulators have been shutting them down worldwide.

    • josh says

      Hi Allan, thanks for your reply. That’s usually a bad sign when people aren’t getting paid on time. I’m not an affiliate but that’s what I have been hearing recently. There are other ways to make money online I’d stay away from this one personally.

    • josh says

      Hi Austin, there are lots of ways to make money that are completely legit. Depends what you’re looking for. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or not really sure what is best make sure you get on my list. I give lots of free marketing tips and from time to time will show you ways to make money online. If you have any questions you can email me here:

  3. Sam says

    Hi Josh,
    Thanks for this. I am being pitched the idea of this business, I don’t doubt the legitimacy of the business as it’s not the first company in the industry but am skeptical of how much most of its members understand the system and the longevity of such business in world market. I am also concerned the competition it would face from it’s rivals and other sectors from financial world. I am convinced if the idea but not 100% if this can be a durable business? If you are a member please help me understand…Thanks all

    • josh says

      Hey Sam, I am not a member of OneCoin and it seems as if similar companies are popping up almost daily. If you get involved just don’t spend more than you can afford to lose. If I come across current news I will surely email it over to you.

    • josh says

      Hello Vivek, everything comes with risk. I would talk to some of the members. Always do your homework when you invest money. If I hear anything I’ll be sure to report it on my blog!

  4. Ali says

    Hi Josh,

    I’m a member of one coin. In my conclusion so far they are using the hype of crypto currency and sharing successful stories of Bit Coin to motivate people.

    On the other side with network marking they are paying so much to their members who bring the new business which is worrying me in a sense that company itself not generating revenue to make its worth in future market.

    Thirdly and most importantly would all these big banks and regulators allow any thing which can reduce their own businesses.

    And within company atmosphere I just didn’t like that they don’t allow or keep any answering questioning session, why they are avoiding it?

    • josh says

      Hi Ali, unfortunately I can’t answer you with 100% certainty. What I can tell you is that companies with banking issues usually not a good sign. I was with two companies in the past that started having banking issues. When a bank doesn’t want your business there is a reason. Usually the risk far outweighs the rewards. When this happens companies sometimes switch over to Solid Trust Pay, Payza or some type of ewallet. That’s never a good thing. It’s the end of the rope sort of speak. Sometimes they can even freeze accounts and you can’t get your money out. I lost almost 100k in a Payza account one time. Everything comes with a bit of risk but some have a lot more risk than others for sure. Hope this helped a bit!

  5. Mateen says

    Hi josh ,

    I have recently joined onecoin and got my 2nd bonus today but i haven’t withdraw my money yet. Few of my friend are doing it back in UAE and Pakistan. They never had an any issue in withdrawing money through banks. I dont know what gonna happen here in Australia. Company has also announced it last week that they will be in market by 2018. what do you think what will be the future of it.

    • josh says

      Hi Mateen, yes according to an official OneCoin / OneLife press release they plan to take their cryptocurrency public in 2018. Only time will tell if this will happen. When a company grows this fast there are a lot of moving parts. Hope it works out for you in the long run!

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