OneCoin – OneLife Seeing Unprecedented Growth! So Why All The Bad Press?

Despite all the bad press OneCoin and their marketing arm OneLife claim they are doing about $500 Million per month or more in business.

Lets just put things in perspective. If their claims are true they will be the largest direct selling opportunity in 2017 in the world.

This means they will pass multiple decade old giants such as Amway and Avon.

Earlier on OneCoin – OneLife announced that their company will be going public in the second quarter of 2018.

The company released this news on their website:

onecoin going public

onecoin going public 2018

Like anything when you join any business there is risk. Companies such as OneCoin come with a bit more risk.

Countries have been trying to shut down OneCoin. There have even been actual arrests in India just recently. Countries such as Malta have taken a less proactive approach just warning citizens.

Some countries just took it amongst themselves to keep OneCoin out. If you live in the USA for example look up OneLife and click on link.

This is what you see:

“This Company does not work on the territory of the United States. For questions please contact customer support:”

In any case the press on OneCoin is growing exponentially.

Any company that is trending and growing at this rate will always set off alarms. I want to just put it out there.

Whether a company is 100% legit or just another scam people even countries are going to make claims. You have to weigh the good and bad and decide if the risk is worth the reward.

OneCoin is a different animal. They have been growing at record breaking speeds for some time now.

Out of the 25 top MLM earners in the entire industry OneCoin takes up 7 of those spots. With all the MLM companies out there and the millions of distributors it’s almost unfathomable.

April 2017 MLM Top Earners Screen Shot:

onecoin top earners

I have been following network marketing since 2002 and these claims are just nuts. Supposedly the number one OneCoin affiliate is earning in excess of 4 million dollars PER MONTH!

Whether you are looking into OneCoin – OneLife as in investment or a business opportunity just do your homework.

We are all big boys and girls here so take it upon yourself to make the best decision for you. If you want something more stable I’d suggest looking elsewhere. There is lots of opportunity to make money online.

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