OneCoin Criminal Investigation Underway In Thailand

Mentioned earlier in our India OneCoin Bust post criminal investigation is in fact underway in Thailand.

Researching various news reports have unveiled the truth. From what we can understand the three top Thai agencies who monitor fraud are looking into OneCoin and all banks associated.

Economic Crime Suppression Division, The Department of Special Investigation and the Office of Consumer Protection are digging to see what they can find.

If you’re not familiar the Department of Special Investigation is basically Thailand’s Ministry of Justice.

Department of Special Investigation is not affiliated with local police. They take on ‘special cases’ that local jurisdiction can’t really move forward on.

Kind of like the FBI I’m guessing.

It’s unclear how far Thai law will proceed. They could be make arrests like India or be a bit less proactive like OneCoin in Malta.

If you’re new to OneCoin or just starting to do your research Juha Parhiala, OneCoin’s top affiliate, lives and operates out of Thailand.

This is a screenshot from BusinessForHome: onecoin juha parhiala thailand

OneCoin was claiming back in January of 2016 Juha was earning in excess of $4 Million USD per month!

There is a close circle of European countrymen if you will operating their OneCoin businesses out of Thailand. It’s unknown how Juha is cashing out sort of speak if he can at all at this time.

Seems as if Juha has gone off the grid for some time now. His public Facebook profile is no longer active. It was abandoned last November.

At this point in time it’s unclear if Juha has fled to Dubai with OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova. Check back and we will keep you fully updated as things unfold!

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