MFSA of Malta Issues OneCoin Regulatory Warning

If you’re not familiar, MFSA is the single regulator for all financial services in Malta.

MFSA is short for Malta Financial Services Authority.

The island -state of Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea just south of Sicily (Italy).

Here is Malta on a map:

onecoin malta

From what we can see Malta has taken less of a proactive approach against OneCoin.

If you read my latest post on 4 OneCoin Affiliates arrested and detained in India you can see why. There were also 18 arrested in India just prior.

On April 18th the MFSA posted this to their website:

malta mfsa onecoin warning

As you can see Facebook group “OneCoin Malta” appear to be the primary promoters.

The country of Malta seems to be taking a “we told  you so” approach and letting adults make adults decisions.

They are putting it out there quite clearly that OneCoin is not a legitimate currency and are neither regulated nor authorized by the MFSA.

Do you think the much more proactive approach against OneCoin like India is smart or basically lack of regulatory authorization like Malta?

Let us know in the comments below!

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