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matrix war reviewWelcome to my Matrix War Review and home of the Eight-Tier Bitcoin-Based Cash Gifting program.

There is no information on the Matrix War website which specifically identifies who owns or runs this scheme.

It simply says:

“We are a team of online marketers from Belgium, India and US. We have been working in online marketing for the past 2-3 years. Our dream was to be able to earn money online which would give us complete freedom.”

Matrix War Review

Registered on September 21, 2016, the Matrix War website domain is “Matrix War” is listed as the owner with an address of Karnataka, India provided.

The official Matrix War Facebook group lists five administrators:  Dawn Cassin, Baig Baig, Raphel Rock, Alberto Disoosa and Steve Caro.

In a Facebook post which is dated September 28, 2016, Albert Disoosa classifies himself and Steve Caro as owners of the company.

“After a long time of research for a stable monthly income, me and my friend Steve thought of developing the website MatrixWar.”

Disoosa and Caro are based out of the Netherlands and Belgium respectively.

Disoosa’s MLM history is currently unknown. Previous MLM companies Steve Caro has promoted include Usana (2014), Team Beach Body (2014), Avon (2012) and Talk Fusion (2012).

Read on for a complete review of the Matrix War MLM opportunity.

Matrix War Product Line

Matrix War has absolutely no retailable products or services and affiliates are only able to market Matrix War affiliate membership itself.

Matrix War Compensation Plan

The Matrix War compensation plan has new affiliates gift bitcoins to existing affiliates through a 2×8 matrix.

The 2×8 matrix puts an affiliate at the top of the matrix, with 2 positions directly underneath them.

These 2 positions form the 1st level of the matrix. The 2nd level is produced by dividing each of the 2 positions into another 2 positions.

Successive levels of the matrix are produced in the same manner, with a complete 2×8 matrix holding 510 positions.

Positions are filled through direct & indirect recruitment of new Matrix War affiliates.

New affiliates have to pay a 0.015 BTC gifting payment to the affiliate who recruited them. This payment makes them eligible to receive 0.015 BTC from affiliates who are placed in the 1st level of their matrix.

Successive levels of the matrix are unlocked through increasingly larger gifting payments as follows:

  • Level 1 – pay 0.015 BTC to the affiliate who recruited you and receive 0.015 BTC from two affiliates
  • Level 2 – make a gifting payment of 0.02 BTC and receive 0.02 BTC from four affiliates
  • Level 3 – make a gifting payment of 0.04 BTC and receive 0.04 BTC from eight affiliates
  • Level 4 – make a gifting payment of 0.1 BTC and receive 0.01 BTC from sixteen affiliates
  • Level 5 – make a gifting payment of 0.5 BTC and receive 0.5 BTC from thirty-two affiliates
  • Level 6 – make a gifting payment of 1 BTC and receive 1 BTC from sixty-four affiliates
  • Level 7 – make a gifting payment of 3 BTC and receive 3 BTC from one hundred and twenty-eight affiliates
  • Level 8 – make a gifting payment of 6.5 BTC and receive 6.5 BTC from two hundred and fifty-six affiliates

Note: The above payments are all repeated monthly.

How To Join Matrix War

Matrix War affiliate membership is completed by a 0.015 BTC gifting payment to the affiliate who recruited you.

This is the minimum monthly cost of participating in Matrix War.

Complete involvement across all matrix gifting levels requires an ongoing payment of 11.175 BTC per month.

Matrix War – Bottom Line?

Listen to this – On the website Albert Disoosa and Steve Caro claim to have:

“…struggled from the beginning with rev shares and some binary programs because the year of 2015-2016 was full of scams and many people got burned. Then we realized that the only way to earn some money online is to learn how to recruit and promote.”

Any valid MLM opportunities Disoosa and Caro may have been involved with in the past has since faded into the scheme of all schemes in MLM.

And the ironic part is that after acknowledging that they have been ripped off in numerous scams throughout 2015 and 2016, Disoosa and Caro have realized the only people who make money in illegal scams are typically the admins and a token few early-adopters, and they have taken full advantage of it.

Matrix War – Conclusion

Today, through Matrix Wars, Disoosa and Caro are hoping you will fund their loss recovery efforts.

New Matrix War affiliates sign up and make a gifting payment to affiliate who recruited them. The rest of the matrix duplicates this process with increasing amounts of bitcoin.

As with all cash gifting schemes, once affiliate recruitment ends Matrix War will ultimately collapse.

You will lose your money so that Disoosa and Caro can cover their losses. That’s the gist of Matrix War.

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