How To Market A Product

how to market a product

If you have a network marketing business I want to talk to you about something very important.  At the moment I am not building a network marketing company but I have in the past with lots of success.  I have also worked with some of the best networkers in the world.  I’m not saying this to brag I just want you to trust my word.

Over the years I have asked one question to all my mentors and experts in the network marketing industry.  My question was this.  If you were to advise someone how to pick a company what’s one of the things or some of the advice that you would give them? The first thing out of everyones mouth was you have to love the product.  You have to be a product of the product. 

How To Market A Product – You Must Be Passionate

how to market a productSo what does that mean?  You have to be using the product.  You have to be so passionate about the product. When your sharing you want to be a byproduct of how your living your life.

So I thought I would write this post and ask you some questions when it comes to your product experience.

One, do you love it and care about it?  Two, are you using it on a regular basis?  Three, have you created your story about the product or service that you can share with somebody else?

If somebody says tell me about the product what do you say?  The first thing out of your mouth should be your story.  What is your story about you taking or using the product? How has the product changed your life?

Another question I would ask are you taking the product publicly?  Is it something you can take or eat?  If you can take it at breakfast in front of people at work do it.  Don’t hide the product from other people.  Take it openly.

Make it a point to take the product publicly.   People see you taking a product there not familiar with they will ask questions.

How To Market A Product – Collecting Stories

Something else you want to do is collect other stories from other distributors in your organization.  If you don’t have a team yet use your upline’s story. Positive experiences of others are very powerful.  If your story is brand new and isn’t amazing yet borrow other people’s success stories.

If you take a product that gets visible results take before and after pictures.  Showing pictures of results is powerful.  If you lost 30 pounds in 3 months take the pictures so you can show people what has happened.  A story like that is life changing and people will be amazed.

Be serious about the product be passionate about the product be a product of the product.  Be a public user of the product.  Not only will your business do better and your recruiting go up but if you instill this culture in your organization your business will explode.

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