Hab Coin Review – Great MLM Or Cryptocurrency Scam?

habcoin reviewHey there, welcome to my Hab Coin Review!

We have been watching this company for a few weeks now.  There has definitely been some buzz around Hab Coin.

If you’re not familiar you can find data in Google Trends.  This is what we found when we searched for Hab Coin.

Hab Coin Review

It certainly has been on the rise in the past several months. If you’re looking for a startup company that is similar feel free to check out my Two Bitcoin Review.

There is a very good chance you have been approached about the business opportunity.

Personally I have had a few people come to me in the past week with Hab Coin questions and concerns.

What’s the real story?

Have some great news for you.  I’m going to walk through the company, products and compensation plan with you.

It’s important you make the right decision so you’re joining a legit company and not just another scam.

Hab Coin Review – The Company

Usually my first step is finding out who owns and operates a company.  That in itself can give you a ton of information on just about any company.

I have to be honest there really isn’t a lot of information on who exactly owns this company.

They seem to have partnered with a Hab & JPR Privee Group of Companies.  This information can be found at “www.habcoin.com” if you click on the Habcoin Partners tab.

hab coin company

Usually this means a collaboration of people working together.  Could be members of some board, Government, Banking etc.

Who are these people?

It’s tough to say but there isn’t much to go on at this moment.

Earlier in the year a south african media report posted HAB & JPR Privee Group as a Swiss Company.

Marco Lacchini, Italian Investor, is coming up as a master partner with Hab & JPR Privee.

Here is one of many articles with Lacchini being mentioned:

hab coin owner

After running some searches on Hab Coin’s domain it is not listed under Lacchini.

Hab Coin domain was register on February 17th, 2016.  It was registered in Italy under a Naiadi Snc Societa/Ditta.

Usually pretty easy to dive in and see who’s running a company.  Sorry couldn’t give you more information.

Another really good cover up or I’m just missing something here.

If I can find more information in the next few weeks I will update this post.  Lets move on for now!

Hab Coin Reviews – Products

Another cryptocurrency but there is zero information if it’s traded outside of the company itself.

When you join Hab Coin you can buy into the membership but there is no physical product or service from what we can see.

Basically you will spend money to “invest” in Hab Coin and sign up other Hab Coin affiliates.

Hab Coin Compensation Plan

The compensation is pretty simple.  You can “invest” in Habcoins and you can sponsor other affiliates to do the same.

Hab Coin Affiliate Ranks

There are 15 positions in the Hab Coin comp plan:

Note:  BV = Business Volume

  • Startup – Become a Hab Coin Affiliate
  •  Bronze – Generate 500 BV
  • Silver – Generate 2000 BV
  • Gold – Generate 6000 BV
  • Pearl – Generate 20,000 BV
  • Sapphire – Generate 40,000 BV
  • Ruby – Generate 80,000 BV
  • Emerald – Generate 200,000 BV
  • Platinum – Generate 500,000 BV
  • Diamond – Generate 1,000,000 BV
  • Diamond 1 – Personally recruit at least 1 Diamond level 1
  • Diamond 2 – Personally recruit at least 2 Diamond level 1
  • Diamond 3 – Personally recruit at least 3 Diamond level 1
  • Diamond 4 – Personally recruit at least 4 Diamond level 1
  • Diamond 5 – Personally recruit at least 5 Diamond level 1

Commission Qualification

Like most MLM companies you get paid on product being purchased in your downline.

In this case it is determined by how much Hab Coin your downline is investing in.  You will get paid a percentage.

  • Generate 35 BV – Qualify 1 month commissions
  • Generate 100 BV – Qualify 3 months commissions
  • Generate 1000 BV – Qualify 12 months commissions

There are three costs associated with BV:

  • 92 EUR investment – Generates 35 BV
  • 244 EUR investment – Generates 200 BV
  • 440 EUR investment – Generates 1000 BV


There is a unilevel structure in place.

If you’re not familiar take a look at this diagram:

hab coin compensation plan

There are four levels including yourself.

  • You
  • Level 1 – Your personally enrolled Hab Coin members
  • Level 2 – Your level 1’s personally enrolled Hab Coin members
  • Level 3 – Your level 2’s personally enrolled Hab Coin members

Anytime sales volume is generated throughout your unilevel organization you get paid a percentage.

The amount you get paid in the Hab Coin unilevel is dependent on your rank.

Take a look at this diagram which will explain:


Matching Bonus

Every time one of your members earns a commission you are paid a matching bonus.

Again, it is determined by what rank you have it:

This diagram should help:

hab coins matching bonus

Generation Bonus Payout

Some people were asking if you can earn past the 12th level.  The answer is yes!

If you hit Diamond 1 rank in the compensation plan you can earn beyond level 12.

Just remember a “Generation” is the system going down a unilevel leg looking for the next Diamond 1 rank or higher.

Second level is the next Diamond 1 or higher found after the first in that same leg.

Now it gets interesting.  What if no Diamond 1 or higher are found?

It will run the entire length of the leg.  A certain percentage of BV will be paid out.  That is your generation bonus.

Remember this is rank determined:

hab coin review

Coded Bonus Payout

Another bonus paid out on “newly invested funds”  on the unilevel.

A full 50% is paid out on these newly invested funds.  That seems quite high.

The percentage is all rank dependent.

  • Startup – zero commission
  • Bronze – 10% earned
  • Silver – 15% earned
  • Gold – 20% earned
  • Pearl – 26% earned
  • Sapphire – 32% earned
  • Ruby – 38% earned
  • Emerald – 43% earned
  • Platinum – 47% earned
  • Diamond and higher – 50% earned

National Bonus Payout

Two Pools for Diamond 4 and 5 levels:

Diamond 4 – 1% company wide BV

Diamond 5 – 0.5% company wide BV

This bonus is paid out once per month.  All qualifications must be met for both levels.

Bonus Payout

More of an incentive based payout.  Hit rank Pearl or higher and earn Habcoins.

habcoin bonus payout

Cost To Join

Pretty simple with three memberships

100 EUR per month

150 EUR for two months

1500 EUR for eight months

Is this a Scam?

There really isn’t enough information to validate if this is company is legit or a scam.  Only time will tell.

At the moment there are just too many red flags.

I searched the internet trying to find out what these Hab Coins were worth.  There is no information anywhere.

Another reason it’s hard to get information on Hab Coin they are not publicly traded.  So most is just hearsay.

If you want to trust Youtube videos and forums it’s a bit risky for sure.

Hab Coin Review – The Verdict

Unfortunately I can’t recommend this company unless you have disposable income you don’t mind losing if it doesn’t work out.

When you get involved with any MLM the first question should be who is running the company. Everything seems to be smoke and mirrors with Hab Coin.  Not much to go on.

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