Four More OneCoin Arrests in India: Shenanigans or Legit?

Doesn’t look like authorities are letting up on OneCoin affiliates in Navi, Mumbai. Ongoing investigations continue after eighteen OneCoin affiliates were arrested last Sunday.

From what we could find out those eighteen OneCoin affiliates were interrogated. Our sources revealed that four more affiliates holding “senior positions” in the company were booked.

Unfortunately whether a company is a scam or legit there will always be bad seeds. I have been working online since May 2002 and have yet to find out differently.

Of course you’re always going to get more shenanigans with trending companies.

Supposedly OneCoin itself suspended withdrawals back in January.

Mumbai OneCoin affiliates took it among themselves to try and cash out.

From what local officials are speculating local OneCoin affiliates were setting up accounts for those that invested. They’d then transfer OneCoins from their own personal accounts.

They were basically cashing themselves out because there is no other way to get their money at this point.

Of course they are going to build up the dream. I’m sure they were spewing the dream that as the value of Euro increased as would the value of their OneCoin.

Also as more and more people joined the value of their cryptocurrency would increase.

Listen, I’m not here to smash a company or affiliates. I get it. People are trying to eat. However there is a right and wrong way of doing anything.

If you’re going to sell ‘the dream’ this is not the right way to go about it.

This is what local officials went on to say:

4 senior onecoin affiliates arrested

It certainly is a very grey area in terms of business with OneCoin. Europe for the most part is taking more of a wait and see approach. Indian authorities on the other hand are taking action.

OneCoin has been operating in India through shell companies and bank accounts. It’s common for companies such as OneCoin to funnel business through bank  accounts NOT registered under their own name.

Whether a company is a scam or not some countries don’t want to take the chance. With all this drama unfolding OneCoin still claims they are going public in 2018!

Supposedly India has been looking into this matter for some time now.

They already pulled four bank accounts registered under the names of other corporations.

If there is any truth behind this those accounts will most likely be frozen.

As the OneCoin investigation moves forward we will soon learn how many victims, losses and balance of seized funds.

From what we can gather Tom “Mmkey” McMurrain, prominent OneCoin investor, has cancelled all Indian promotional events.

Tom was suppose to be flying in the latter part of April 2017. This won’t be happening after the crackdown on OneCoin.

All OneCoin events in the Indian cities of Delhi, Bangalore and Coimbotore have been cancelled as of now.


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