Fixing People Around You – Is It Really Worth It?


So how do you “fix” the people around you for prosperity?

How do you “fix” your family and friends in terms of prosperity consciousness?  People who may be around you and even possibly holding you back.  They have limiting beliefs and probably no prosperity consciousness.

Over the years people have asked me many times “how do you fix them”?  Well I’m going to give you the answer and your probably not going to like it.

You Can’t!!!

If I have learned anything after building many businesses and working with thousands of people.  You can’t “treat” people for prosperity.

People can’t be treated for prosperity they have to opened to receive it.  How do you expect someone to build a business if they think everything is a scam?  It’s not possible.

What I can tell you that doesn’t work.  Beating up on them, nagging them, criticizing them.  Here’s the best advice I can give you in this scenario.  Be the example.  Be the display in prosperity consciousness.

Give them prosperity consciousness even when there giving you poverty consciousness.

Model the behavior that you want to see.  If they are opened great if they are not you can’t push it down their throat.

Remember, swim in your own lake.  The world is filled with negative people and things.  There are all kinds of negative, dysfunctional and even evil things everywhere.  I’m sure you’ve heard nobody can control the wind.  You can only control the direction you want to turn with your own sail.

So it all starts with you.  That is really all you can focus on.

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