Duplicate Dave Review – Marketing Legend Scam or Legit Company? U Decide!

If you found yourself on this blog post you’re probably looking for the Duplicate Dave Review! Yes it’s true none other than Mr. David Sharpe has launched his own brand/company.

Earn While You Learn?

Duplicate Dave is an educational training course on how to become an internet marketer which offers “earn as you learn” opportunities.

Duplicate Dave Review – Company Info

duplicate dave review

Duplicate Dave is the creation of Dave Sharpe, one of the founders of the hugely successful MLM affiliate company, Empower Network. Dave Sharpe recently left Empower Network due to health problems and a publicized falling out with co-founder David Wood.

Sharpe has your typical “rags to riches” story which resonates with internet marketers. In short, he was a high school dropout with substance abuse problems and a father at the age of 16. He turned his life around and has since founded 3 multi-million-dollar companies. He and his family live in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Duplicate Dave Product Info

duplicate david sharpeThe Duplicate Dave course emphasizes on teaching people to duplicate Sharpe’s “hands-free” internet marketing business. The course claims that you will only be required to work “30 minutes a day” in order to earn commission-based income while undergoing training.

This course covers ad placement, selling premium price products, email marketing, sales conversion strategies, and use of sales funnels, marketing copy, and videos.

Sharpe delivers back-end support plus access to his personalized marketing copy and sales funnels, as well as his personal phone team to help in closing sales. Income from all sales is divided between the company and the individual enrolled in the program at an unrevealed rate.

Duplicate Dave Price?

The price of his program, commission rates, and additional details are unavailable on the website. If you are interested, you can schedule a day and time to have a Duplicate Dave staff member contact you by phone to have the specifics disclosed to you.

I have to say whoever drew up his cartoon is spot on. Here’s Mr. David Sharpe himself chilling out with that s#%t eating grind on his face as usual. Why not he’s living it up 🙂

Duplicate Dave – Business Opportunity

The opportunity offered by this program is, according to Sharpe, “to earn while you learn” to become an internet marketer. This means, as opposed to a mere educational course, it is also an affiliate internet marketing opportunity.

Information on the products and services available, and the commission rates one can earn from marketing these products and services, is available only over a phone call from a member of the sales team.

David Sharpe – One Thing We Know

Dave Sharpe is, to me, one of the biggest superstars of affiliate marketing out there today.

Therefore, I would have to say that the Duplicate Dave program is expected to be extremely popular, as Sharpe’s numerous devoted followers congregate to this new opportunity, more than likely turning this program into an overnight success.

Having said that, it is challenging for us to assess the specifics of this program as it requires scheduling a phone call with a member of the sales team.

Duplicate Dave – Bottom Line!

It is nearly impossible to know the precise scope of the training or even the cost to the customer, whether it’s a one-time payment or an ongoing subscription, whether there are expensive upsells, what kinds of products an affiliate will be selling, and so on and so forth. We would need to conduct that sales call to know for sure.

The one thing we can assess is Sharpe’s reputation as a top-tier internet marketer. Empower Network, Sharpe was instrumental in Empower Networks rise to power as a premier MLM network.

We can also assess if we were going to term someone “the natural” to pull it all together with copy, video and good ole fashion hard work he’d definitely come to mind.

Here is an example of what I mean. Likable cartoon character, copy that grabs your attention and on top of it all. It’s FREE information so why the heck wouldn’t u check it out lol..

duplicate dave videos

Duplicate Dave – No Affiliation

I am NOT involved with this company and can only give you my review from what I can see and what I have heard. Everything looks good from the outside looking in but only time will tell if his new program can in fact help people and change lives which is obviously his intention.

He factually built his fortune from that company, demonstrating that he has the insight to succeed with a large affiliate network.

So, does this mean that he is capable of providing education and training for others? The probability appears high, particularly because he is allowing people who enroll to “borrow” his groundwork for an opportunity to make money while learning what he has to teach.

Duplicate Dave – My Conclusion

Bottom line here, if the price of the training course is reasonable and the opportunity to market actual products and services with a real value is an actual one, it is very probable that anyone enrolling in Duplicate Dave will be capable of earning while they learn.

We would have to suggest making the first step to schedule a call and listen to Sharpe’s sales pitch. Nevertheless, we would like it much more if the specifics of Sharpe’s program were laid out somewhere on the website.

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    • Jonny says

      He was with Empower and he is running it like Empower. You have to buy and upgrade! Just like Empower! And hope to sell those high ticket items yourself! You do not hear about it because there is nondisclosure agreement just like Empower!

      • josh says

        Hey Jonny, well that’s how most affiliate programs work. The people that make money are the ones that actually do the work. Whether you join Dave’s program, EN or some other mid or top tier program something has to be sold for income to be earned. It’s not for everyone. Most lose $$ because most don’t do what’s necessary to succeed.

  1. says

    I did an analysis of David Sharpe’s funnel for signing up MLM distributors. I even paid the $1 to get some free trainings.

    The videos were high quality and the value was pretty decent. I was very impressed with the funnel, from Facebook Ad, to Landing Page and Upsells. He definitely knew what he was doing.

    Would love to learn more about this offer. Do you know if he has an affiliate program? Haven’t been able to find one.

    Thanks for the review.

    – G

    • josh says

      Hey Gustavo, thanks for reaching out. Always appreciated and happy to answer your questions. Duplicate Dave is more direct sales. You make a sale and I’m pretty sure you get paid 60% on that first initial sale. You do not get paid on multiple levels. So if that person you sold his program to sells a package of some sort you do not get paid on that. I’m not 100% but I’m sure you get some sort of residual if that person is paying a monthly. I’d have to ask some friends I know who actually promoted his business. Stay well!

  2. josh says

    I have a good friend who signed up not long ago and has been going through the platform. When I find out more I will certainly update and let you know. Check back soon.

  3. josh says

    Hi Kelly, my friend that is promoting Duplicate Dave is doing pretty well over there. He’s made some good money and he’s relatively new to affiliate marketing. His background is more MLM but he seems to be catching on pretty quickly. It’s like anything else. Those who do the work can sell any program it’s just a matter if that program actually pays out and sticks around for a while so you can make some money and help others do the same. It’s also important to obviously learn something along the way 🙂 I will say this my friend is a hustler. He works hard, is not afraid of video, and has been working on his websites and social media. This I’m sure has a lot to do with people ‘following’ him and making good sales. Most people that join new programs whether they are old and outdated or the ‘new kid on the block’ usually lose money because they don’t do the work. David Sharpe’s been around the ‘work at home’ space for years and he’s definitely NOT a scammer so I’m sure you’ll learn some great strategies and how to market more efficiently. If I hear anything else pertinent I will either let u know via email or post. So check back every once in a while! Hope this helped a bit!


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