Coupon Suzy Society – Are You BROKE Because Of Coupons?

coupon suzy

Welcome everyone, here is my take on why coupon suzy coupons could hinder your wealth.

Last time I posted this article is was the middle of winter.  It was subzero, I was sitting in front of my fireplace drinking hot chocolate and looking at the snowfall outside.  Now it’s fall and I’m enjoying the dry 70 degree weather going through some older blog posts and updating a bit from my deck!

coupon susyCoupon Suzy – My Take

Today I wanted to talk about coupons, discounts, bargains and all of that kind of stuff.  I think there is an important lesson to be had here.  Prosperous people don’t chase after coupons.

We don’t chase after bargains and early bird dinners.  We don’t really care about special discounts and all of that kind of stuff.  Whether I eat fast food or I’m buying a lobster dinner at Hemingway’s I’m not trying to figure it out if it fits in my budget or searching for coupons to save a few bucks.

So many people are living with this constant fear of money or lack of.  They spend so much time and energy searching for ways to save a buck or two with a coupon.

Most of us an relate.  We have all searched for deals at Subway or McDonald’s.  I get it.  I just chose not to live my life worrying about finding some coupon that could save me a dollar.

Coupon Suzy – Breaking The Cycle

If you really want to break out of that cycle you have to change your mindset.  Most people I know that monitor their mailbox and local newspapers for the latest and greatest coupon deal are for the most part broke.

Listen, I get it.  I’m not hear to point fingers.  I don’t want to offend anyone.  That’s not why I am writing this article.  I just want to point out if you want to get ahead eventually.

Make sure to go here for more info like this:  How To Spend Money Wisely

If you want a better life where money is no longer a problem you have to get away from this coupon suzy mentality and start working on yourself.

I choose to live a simple life.  I don’t worry about finances.  My bills are paid on time and I can come and go as I please.  It’s called lifestyle.  It’s really not about the money it’s about what those pieces of paper buy me.  Peach of mind and stress free living (for the most part).

Coupon Suzy – Prosperity

We understand that all true prosperity is a value for value exchange.  What we are looking for is that fair exchange of value.  We know that when we have a fair exchange of value it’s good for both parties.  It’s good for both sides of the transaction.  It allows everyone to be prosperous.

So if some guy wants to sell his HDTV for x amount of money and someone else wants to buy it.  They get their TV and he gets the money he wanted and everyone is happy.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I understand there are some things like real estate for example.  People price their real estate with room for negotiation.   Or when you go to a used car lot we understand they raised up the price allowing themselves some room to work with you.  There are some places where negotiation is part of the process.  I get that.

Coupon Suzy – The Trap

What I don’t want you to fall into is this trap of spending hours and hours cutting coupons out of the newspaper and searching for discounts.

Stop spending energy, time and mental bandwidth chasing after all those discounts and coupons.  Spend that energy on adding value or solving a problem to create true prosperity.

couponsWhen you look for ways of adding value and solving problems instead of chasing after coupons, discounts and bargains.  Guess what?  The coupons become irrelevant.

Another thought on this.  I recently visited a very close friend of mine a few days ago.  We were watching a movie and I suggested we order a pizza or some take out.  That person thought it was a great idea and they started searching through their junk draw looking for some coupons.

That was their mindset.  They wanted to get a coupon and see which pizza place had a dollar or two dollars off a pizza.

That is where she was going to make that decision.  I don’t want you making decisions on who offers the best coupon.  Doesn’t matter who has the better coupon whether you’re buying a pizza or anything else for that matter.

I want you to base it on who brings you more value or more joy into your life.  I’d rather spend the extra $3 bucks and get something that taste good.

Coupon Suzy – Conclusion

What do you think?  Get down below and make some comments.  Let me know how you feel about this.  As always let me know and make sure you subscribe down below.


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  1. Trish says

    I’ll never look at coupons the same again 🙂 Which I think is a good thing. Your posts inspire me and I always seem to learn something. Thanks!!!! Your email was awesome few days back. I made an extra $240 with my Facebook ppc stuff using your Audience Insights strategy!! Thanks Trish

    • josh says

      Hey Trish,

      Glad to hear.. If you need any help or have questions on Facebook PPC stuff you can ask me any time. We are friends on Facebook so that’s the best place.. Talk soon. Josh

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