Search Engine Optimization – SEO Tips – How To Rank Fast No BS

search engine optimization tips

Would you like to learn some basic search engine optimization (SEO) tips to rank for certain keywords?  Ranking on the elusive first page of Google is not easy but it’s not impossible.  Seriously, we do it all the time with different blogs and Youtube videos. I will say this.  Unless your Wikipedia or The New […]

How To Use Reddit Subreddits To Get Free Site Traffic


Today I will show you how to use Reddit subreddits to get free laser targeted traffic to your websites.  I promise your not going to want to miss this so keep reading. Now before we get started let me quickly explain what this Reddit Subreddits thing is all about and how Reddit works for those […]

3 BAD@$$ Viral Marketing Techniques


A lot of people will tell you that viral marketing techniques are hard to learn.  Super hard things that it all just boils down to getting really really lucky. Today, I’m going to show you that this is just total bullshiT. In fact, in this blog post I’m going to show you three dead simple […]

Jailed Or Free With Google Penguin Update 3.0

google penguin update

  First Google Penguin Update In Over A Year It was confirmed on Friday that Google has updated it’s Penguin Filter which will target sites deemed spammy.  If your sites are found in violation to Google’s linking guidelines there is a chance you will see a big decrease in your organic traffic. Reports are coming […]

Search Engine Optimization Tips – XML Sitemaps Or RSS/Atom Feeds?

search engine optimization tips

Search Engine Optimization – Use Both For Optimal Crawling

Have you been combing the internet for search engine optimization tips? I get it. It’s pretty common nowadays. For most people just starting their online business it’s tough to compete with the big boys. Paid advertising is not cheap and I highly suggest you mix it up.

If your starting a blog I wanted to share this quick tip. You’ve probably been watching some Youtube vids on different SEO setups. When it comes to blogging there are definitely some internet marketing strategies your going to want to follow. So today, the burning question is: