Til Debt Do Us Part

til debt do us part

Have you every watched the show Til Debt Do Us Part with host Gail Vaz-Oxlade?  Then you know she always tells these debt-ridden couples to learn to live on cash.  No more credit cards. At first this seems like sound financial advice and your parents, friends and tons of financial planners will tell you the […]

Nothing In Life Is Free

nothing in life is free

Ever hear the saying nothing in life is free?  It wasn’t too long ago I sent an email to my list for a trial on Facebook marketing.  The trial cost $9.95.  You can try for one whole week and if it doesn’t work out for you simply get your money back. Pretty much a can’t […]

Money Hungry Rich People

Conscious And Subconscious Mind

Money Hungry Rich People – Any Truth? Lets talk about the biggest lie of prosperity.  People say and you hear this a lot which is.  Rich people are money hungry and all they can think about is money. Rich people talk about money all the time.  All rich people do is think about money.  Let me […]

How To Spend Money Wisely

how to spend money wisely

Do you realize most people have no idea how to spend money wisely?  A few years ago I entered a contest to win a free flatscreen TV.  People were asking me why I didn’t just buy a new TV if I was making all this money online.  After all, the cost of a new TV […]

Social Media Negative Effects

social media negative effects

Social Media Negative Effects – Harmful To Your Health? I’m sure you’d agree that Social Media is just MASSIVE and there are no signs of it slowing.  Back in the day PORN was obviously the number one online activity and Social Media came along and claimed that spot in 2008.  Sorry Porn.  Social media users […]