Facebook Contest Ideas – 9 Tips To Put You In Profit

facebook contest ideas

Here are some simple Facebook Contest Ideas to help maximize your results with social media. I’m willing to bet that most everyone has either seen or been involved in some sort of Facebook contest. They are, in fact, fun. But why do businesses host them? Not only are they great for branding, but they can […]

Facebook Instant Articles – Pros And Cons: Should U Use It?

facebook instant articles

Today I want to give you my full take on Facebook Instant Articles. If you are familiar with Facebook you will know it has evolved significantly over the years. The platform was initially created to help college students to keep in touch. Now it is so much more than that. Marketers saw a huge opportunity […]

Online Marketing Guru Scammers

online marketing guru

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “marketing guru” if you are building some sort of online business.  These so called online marketing gurus seem to be everywhere these days.  How many of you give me permission to be honest rather than gentle?  Yes?

How To Make Your Business Successful

how to make your business successful

Today we are going to focus on how to make your business successful and how to delegate tasks.  Lets say you have this big task but you’re only terrible at a piece of it.  Then you can do what you’re good at and delegate the small piece you’re terrible at.  So why is this important?