Cash Rally GPS Review – Great Company Or Online Scam?

cash rally gpsHey everyone, here is my Cash Rally GPS Review and what we know of so far.

Cash Rally GPS came across my desktop just a couple days ago.  From what I have found there is not much information on the website.  I searched the web and went through many forums and websites and could not seem to find who owned this company.

If you want to give it a check their Cash Rally GPS domain is “” and from what I was able to find it was registered on August 23rd, 2013.  So the website itself has been live for a little over three years now.

cash rally gps reviewAfter doing some research on the domain I have found it’s owned by a “Sherm Mason” as the primary owner.  Either someone has set up a fakey account or Mr. Mason forgot to use privacy.

That would be my guess with all the schemes he’s been involved with in the past.  More on that later!

The domain “cashrallygps” was updated on August 22nd, 2016 suggesting there is a possibility that Sherm Mason is the new owner.  He is also listed as being in United States, Arkansas.   

Not long ago This Sherm Mason popped up on a few radar screens.  We also found out that Sherm also goes by the name “Optimus Dale”.  Not really sure why he calls himself that.

Maybe after “Optimus Prime” from the Transformers?  lol

Cash Rally GPS Review

Back in 2011 you may or may not remember Magnetic Builder.  It was a $29.95 scheme and Sherm Mason aka “Optimus Dale” was the admin of the company.  There were many problems with this company/scheme as 2011 played out.  Come to find out Sherm was the man behind it all.

We don’t really know every aspect of Magnetic Builder but what we do know he was the admin and he was controlling the company.  It is possible other people had their hands in the scheme.

What’s the real story?

As time went on we saw Sherm bounce around the internet popping up in other schemes as well.

In 2015 Sherm really kept himself busy in a lot of different money games on the internet.  He was involved in multiple schemes and these are just the ones we know about.

We found five schemes that Mason was involved with in 2015:

  1. Paradise Payments – $2 to $1000 cash gifting scheme he was running with in February of 2015.
  2. Magnetic Gratitude – $580 matrix ponzi scheme that he was running with in April of 2015.
  3. Summer Fun Matrix – $22 three-tier ponzi scheme he was running with in July of 2015.
  4. 3×9 Millionaire Machine – $3 in and get out with $435 million he was running with in September of 2015.
  5. Instant Pay Christmas – $5 to $800 cash gifting scheme just in time for, well, Christmas.  Ran with this one December of 2015.

Cash Rally GPS Reviews

So over the course of the entire 2015 calander year Mason was running with one scheme or another.  When 2016 came he kept his foot on that gas pedal running with four more schemes.

In 2016 Mason has already launched four more schemes and we are only halfway through the years.

Here they are in order:

  1. Elite Pay Alliance – Matrix-based cash gifting scheme.
  2. 4 Dolla Money Lines – Big ole pass-up-chain-recruitment scheme
  3. Adstraordinary – Matrix-based cash gifting scheme (Alexa Statistics suggests this has already collapsed)
  4. Cash Rally GPS – Seems to be the fourth known launch that for Mason in 2016.

Cash Rally GPS – Product

From what we can see Cash Rally GPS does not have a product or service that is tangible in some way or another.  Affiliates are only able to market the company itself and sell memberships.  I’ve been working online for 15 years and I’ve yet to see something legit that doesn’t have a product or service.

That’s not all…

If you are familiar with a matrix cycler that is basically what this is.  When you purchase a membership and spend your “cash” you’re put into a position.

When you buy a position you’re buying advertising credits.  These credits are used to dispaly ads in the Cash Rally GPS website.

Cash Rally GPS – Compensation Plan

There is a 5×1 matrix.  When you buy a position you are placed in the matrix.  Whoever is placed at the top of the matrix gets five positions directly under them.

As the positions are filled commissions are paid out.  Depending on where you fall in the matrix it pays via direct and inderect recruitment.  Or so they say.

How a 5×1 matrix works when the five positions are filled a “cycle” is generated.

When the comp plan cycles a Cash Rally GPS affiliate is paid $30 and results in two new matrix positions.

When these two new matrix positions are placed in the 5X1 matrix the cycling process will repeat itself and this happens over and over as more people join.

Cash Rally GPS – Matching Bonus

Seems as if this matrix pays out three matching bonuses:

1.  50% match – This will happen on the first matrix position filled for $5

2.  100% match – This will happen on the third matrix position filled for $10

3.  50% match – This will happen on the second matrix position filled for $5

Cash Rally GPS – Bonus Pool

They claim to pay $10 dollars to one member for every 3 new members that sign up.  They call it passive cash.

The Cash Rally GPS website gives zero explanation as to how they track these $10 handouts.

Cash Rally GPS – Joining

It’s actually pretty simple.  Just pay them $22 bucks and your in the matrix cycler position.  After you pay you’re officially a Cash Rally GPS affiliate.

Cash Rally GPS – Is it a Scam?

Ok, I’m going to be off the cuff here.  This is a straight ponzi scheme and I’d suggest running.  Don’t spend your money on this junk and find something legit.

Basically Cash Rally GPS affiliates spend $22 on the promise of earning a whole $30 ROI which is still never a guarantee in things like this.

Like any 5×1 matrix cycler that works like this.  Payments which are paying members an ROI for every two positions generate will eventually collapse sooner rather than later.

If Cash Rally GPS was selling a legit product or service maybe our review would have gone different.  There are no refunds here.  If you don’t want to lose your money then don’t join. 

Eventually Cash Rally GPS will not be able to meet their ROI obligations and will collapse.  Anyone coming in on the mid or tail end of this Ponzi scheme will lose.

Let me know if my Cash Rally GPS Review helped by leaving a comment below.  If you’re in Cash Rally GPS let us know how it’s going for you.  Make sure you scroll down and get my FREE report!

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