Build A Biz Online Review – Legit Or Cash Gifting Scam?

build a biz online

If you’re looking for a Build A Biz Online Review you’ve come to the right place!

Today we are going to cover the Build A Biz Online website and figure out if this is a legit opportunity or just another scam online!

Our first step in the process is breaking down a company is who owns or runs it and how much credibility they have.

Build A Biz Online Review

build a biz online owner

Gathering some information on this new company “” we can see Ian Stewart as the sole owner.  We went over to his Linkedin profile and he lists his location as Derby in the UK.

The domain itself has a bit of age to it.  Registered initially on 12-13-2006 it’s almost ten years old.  I did a check for spam and if it had any other problems.  Seems to be fairly clean.

Here are some On-Page Elements:

build a biz online com

So looks like Mr. Stewart is selling business building tools of some kind.

Or is he?

Build A Biz Online – Product Line

It’s very obvious that the Build A Biz Online compensation plan is gifting affiliate between $20 and $500 dependent on who recruited them.

There are 5 straight-line queues that track payments.

Here are Build A Biz Online queues:

build a biz online queues

Build A Biz Online gifting payments are monthly recurring.  Most programs like this are.  I’m sure you can guess why.

The website doesn’t clarify but lets assume an affiliate buys into one of the queues mentioned above.  What if their Upline bought in at a lower level?

It does not state this on their website but usually it passes up to the next fully qualified affiliate in line.

How Much To Join Build A Biz Online?

The lowest level an affiliate can buy into is $20 dollars in gifting payments going to the affiliate who recruited you.

If an affiliate wants to go all in they will have to purchase $870 in gifting payments. This gives the affiliate full access to Build A Biz Online tools and commissions.

Build A Biz Online – Problems

The Build A Biz Online opportunity is a typical cash gifting scheme. It is without a doubt these services being advertised at their website are bundled with payments made within their system.

What I don’t like is these payments are made between affiliates. So what happens when these payments slow down?

More on this in a bit…

For example lets say you sign up  as a new Build A Biz Online affiliate.  Now you’re basically going to make a payment to the affiliate who recruited you.

When this happens you are qualified to receive gifting payments as  you sponsor other affiliates.

Sooner rather than later these payments being made between affiliate will most certainly slow down.  When this happens all the people that came in after the first initial push are going to lose money.

So everyone on the bottom of this scheme will not get paid and lose their money.

Here is another similar business:

Street Crewz United 

Build A Biz Online – The Verdict

When I first started to look at Build A Biz Online I liked the fact their website was registered 10 years ago.

That’s about all I like about this company which basically means nothing.

What I don’t like is the premise behind the company and how people are getting paid out.

Remember when things slow down people will stop making payments.  When that happens the affiliates who recruited those people will stop getting paid.

What else?

When the people at the top stop getting paid and can’t recruit more people they are going to stop making payments.

There will come a point where everyone stops making payment and the company will basically crash and burn.

For the masses that can’t recruit or came in at the tail end will lose whatever they put in.

In conclusion I would suggest you stay free and clear of Build A Biz Online unless you like classic pyramid schemes and a lot of risk!

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