Applying Strategy And Tactics To Explode Your Business

strategy and tactics

Today I am going to share with you the big difference between strategy and tactics when building your business. If you know the difference between being tactical vs strategic you can explode your business.

Strategy And Tactics – What’s The Difference?

Profit maximizer number 1 is what I like to call strategic thinking vs tactical thinking.  Most entrepreneurs are very tactical.  They’re not very strategic but very tactical.

So my first questions is what’s the difference between a strategy and a tactic?  Think of it this way.  When most entrepreneurs seek information they’re looking for tactics.  Example. How do I do Facebook advertising? How do I do webinars?  How do I do Google adwords?  How do I do SEO?  Those are examples of tactics.

If you’re thinking in terms of strategy a good example would be exactly what is my offer for my Facebook ad?  Where do I drive these people to?  When they go to my landing page do I sell them something or do I try and capture the email?  What would the email sequence look like? What if they buy what if they don’t buy where do I take them?  If they exit do I have another popup?

Most entrepreneurs don’t think backend.  Most want the quick fix.  I’m cut, I need a bandage, give me a quick fix.  Usually this does not work because they are not thinking strategically at all.  Usually they don’t take enough time to think strategy.

strategy and tacticsYou get paid the big bucks by being strategic.  Looking at the big picture.  Looking at your business from 30,000 square feet above.  Ask yourself what you need.  Many times what you think you need to get your business to the next level is not actually what you need.

Most entrepreneurs have a tunnel vision.  I was actually taught to have tunnel vision in my first network marketing company.  That train of though put me 40k in debt.

They are so focused on the goal at hand it’s hard for them to take themselves out of that tunnel and look around and realize there is so much more they could do.  I am not saying you only need strategy and no tactics.  You need both.

So a strategy is nothing more than a plan to overcome an obstacle.  So our jobs as an entrepreneur is to understand what the heck are these obstacles?  What are these problems that we are trying to solve.

Tactical Vs Strategic

Sometimes it may not be so obvious.  Ask yourself this question.  What exactly is holding you back from getting to that next level?  Maybe you’re talking to a lot of people or you’re prospecting all the time but your still not closing enough sales.  You may think it’s a sales problem but if you look closely it may not be a sales problem it may be a marketing problem.

Maybe you don’t have enough leads.  You don’t have a full pipeline.  When you don’t have a full pipeline it’s human nature to be more desperate.  When you get onto a sales call with a prospect your prospect can sense that and that’s why they don’t buy.

So maybe your looking at the big picture and your thinking you need to work on your sales ability but in actuality you need to work on your marketing ability.  Maybe you just need to work on your lead generation which in turn will give you more confidence to sell.

Always remember this.  Strategies without tactics is always the slowest route to victory.  Tactics without strategy is the noise before the defeat.  This is a direct quote from “The Art Of War” by Sun Tzu.  If you haven’t read this you need to read it.  Written thousands of years ago but still very applicable.  Most would say it’s a military books but I believe it’s one of the best business books ever written.

Just remember strategy is a broad vision and tactical is a specific detail.  Strategy is unstructured where tactical is structured.  Both of these are problem solving but different types of problems.  Strategic is creativity and tactical is analytical.  Strategic is external focus whereas tactical is internal focus.  Strategic is irregular and tactical is regular.  Strategic is long term and tactical is short term.  Strategic is difficult to evaluate and tactical is easy to evaluate.

Example, you do a Facebook ad.  You know how many clicks you get, you know the percentage of people clicking through and how many buy. This is tactical. It’s easy to do. The question I have for you is how much time do you spend in your business day to day being a strategic (thinker) entrepreneur vs a tactical entrepreneur?

For most entrepreneurs they are being strategic very very little.  This is why they’re struggling and they don’t understand why they are struggling.  They don’t know.

So what I want you to think about over the weekend is how strategic and how tactical you are in your business . If you have any comments or questions feel free to ask below in the comments section!

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